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Time For Big School!

v Dylan proudly awaits his first day of school| Image Supplied

It’s that time of year, where thousands of girls and boys across the state wave goodbye to their parents as they start ‘big school’ for the first time. One of those children starting school for the first time was local boy Dylan Scanlin.

Dylan, who turned 5 in January, started school at Emu Plains Public School this year. “He was very excited to start ‘big school’ at Emu Plains. Dylan has an older sister Jade who used to go here and a sister Kayla who is in year 5” said Trudy Scanlin, Dylan’s Mum.

To help prepare him for ‘big school’, Dylan attended preschool in Blaxland for two days a week. He attended the transition playgroup and loved it, especially the canteen! “Dylan told his preschool teachers that he wasn’t worried about anything at school as he would just ask a teacher for help. He will really miss preschool, though he absolutely loved it” explained Trudy.

Emu Plains Public School has a long line of history in the Scanlin household and holds a special place in their hearts. Trudy Scanlin attended the same school when she was a child. Since leaving school, she has become a teacher and has even done casual work there over the years.

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